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ECO stands for Energy Company Obligation, a Government scheme created to help households struggling to keep their homes warm and pay their fuel bills pay less, by becoming more energy efficient.


Are you a low
income family?

If you are a low income family, you could qualify for a government grant to put towards replacing your old, broken or inefficient gas boiler.


With or without
pension credit.

If you don't receive Pension Credit, don't worry you may still qualify – boiler grants are also available for over 60s receiving Working Tax Credits.


What is Room in Roof insulation?

Room In Roof Insulation grants are now being offered as part of the government's new Energy Companies Obligation scheme. The grants cover the entire cost of having all loft rooms insulated to current building regulations using the latest insulation materials.

Many older properties that were originally built with loft room space or 'Room-in-Roof' were either not insulated at all or insulated using inadequate materials and techniques compared to current building regulations.

By employing the latest insulation materials and methods, insulating existing attic rooms means that you can still use the roof space for storage or additional room space if needed while still trapping heat in the property and rooms below.

What defines a room in roof space?

A room in roof or attic room is simply defined by the presence of a fixed staircase to access the room and also a window within the room.

Who pays for the works to be done?

The cost of the works is paid for on the ECO scheme (Energy Company Obligation). The ECO scheme is funded by the Energy companies i.e Eon, British Gas, Scottish Power.

What materials are used to insulate the room?

Typically 100mm Omnifit wool insulation is put in the wall as seen in the photo to the right..

For the roof space and sloped ceilings, Kingspan insulation boards are used, also in the photo to the right. The insulation is slid in from behind the rafters leaving a 50mm ventilation space.

The flat ceiling is insulated with standard loft insulation.

Why do pictures need to be taken?

To prevent rogue traders operating in the industry, evidence must be supplied to the Energy Companies to verify that the property is suitable for the measures being installed. Once this has been approved we then get the go ahead to commence with the works.

Why is the ECO Consent Form required?

Again, this is to prevent rogue traders and it gives the Energy Companies permission to contact yourself to ensure you are happy with the works carried out. This ensures all our works & practices are carried out to industry standard.

Can I cancel once I have signed?

You can cancel up to 14 days after the document is signed. this is known as a ‘Cooling off period’.

How long does the installation take?

Typically no more than 1 day.

What are the benefits of having the work done?

Benefits are saving up to £500 per year on your energy bills. The grant scheme is only for a short period only so make the most of it while you can.

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