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Room in Roof Insulation


Are you eligible for a ‘room in roof’ insulation grant? This kind of insulation is particularly popular in houses where there is a dormer in the former attic area. We lay the insulation between the joists in your pitched roof, maximising the space below for storage or living space.

Recent changes to planning policies, as well as rising house prices, have led to dramatic growth in loft conversions and people adapting their roof space to use as extra living accommodation. Proper insulation can make a massive difference in these ‘roof rooms’ all year round, resulting in more comfortable and energy efficient living spaces.

If you have a room in a roof in an older house it is highly likely that it will have very little insulation. This is often reflected by much higher energy bills during winter. The same area can often be very warm in summer, owing to inconsistencies in ventilation

Newer conversions may be insulated, but if the work was carried out before 2003, it is unlikely to meet current specifications and building standards. PLF Energies can check what, if any, insulation is currently in situ, and recommend what steps you can take to save energy and money.

We don’t recommend laying your own loft insulation. Ask a professional for advice regarding ventilation and fire protection and to help you choose the correct insulation for your roof design and construction. At PLF Energies, we recommend Kingspan, Knauf and Sellotech products.

room in roof insulation

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